Links to Websites, Tools and Calculators

To track my accounts, i use I have found it pretty easy to use and helps me keep track of my cashflows, expenses, investments, and retirement accounts. It also helps for budgeting and has some fun retirement calculators that you can play with. Bankrate has all types of calculators that you can use to check mortgage rates, run scenarios and try different borrowing and prepayment strategies. Khan Academy has some terrific resources for learning about anything from Macroeconomics, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. I have even tried some of the Computer programming courses. Best of all, its Free!

there are plenty of websites where you can track the stock market. I personally love this FINVIZ market heat map it shows the S&P 500 stocks by Market Cap, and is a quick way to see how stocks are doing on a particular day, what sectors are up, what are down, and by how much. Great for high level view of whats going on.

I am not big into technicals, but i am learning. is a great resource to build, research, and track stock movements over long periods and map specific indicators.